The Funniest Medical Memes From Around the Internet



Ah, the Internet. As a medical professional, it’s your best friend, and your worst enemy. Sure, it helped you find that custom engraved stethoscope you’ve always dreamed of, but it helps your patients work themselves into a hypochondriac lather with self-diagnoses.

Luckily, the internet is teeming with harried doctors, nurses, and medical students, just like you, sharing their particular brand of humor. For all the times when you have to laugh so you won’t cry, here are some of the funniest medical memes we found online. Continue reading

Top Seven Essential Medical Accessories

Reliable medical accessories are essential to any physician, nurse, or allied health professional. A good bag, a reliable nursing penlight, a pocket organizer: small things make patient care easier and more feasible when the pressure’s on.

The value of the accessories we’ve assembled is clear in their durability, portability, the quality of their construction, and their value, and each one plays an essential role for caregivers.

1. Black Medical Nylon Bag

This padded nylon bag is a simple, essential tool. It’s capable of carrying sensitive equipment and has many pockets for smaller instruments. Use this bag instead of a backpack to spruce up your image as a medical professional, not a student. It’s great for physicians, EMTs, and workers in other professions. This spacious bag is from prestige medical. Continue reading

Treat your Nurses Right: 6 Great Gifts for Nurses

There are a lot of gifts for nurses available that cater to them, from clothing and supplies to mugs and various other knick knackery. If you’re looking to give a nurse a gift, though, simply finding the first thing with the word “nurses” on it won’t cut it, just like medical students deserve unique and insightful gifts, nurses should get something just for them too. When choosing what to give the nurse in your life, be sure to consider what they want or need, as well as their personality and sense of style. One common complaint among nurses, especially when they’re inundated with things they can’t use, is that they wish that they could just have some new supplies. If this is the case, remember that Medisave has top of the line medical supplies at great prices and some products can be personalized. Whatever you go with, the best gifts are chosen after thoughtfulness and observation!

Help Relieve Stress & Prevent Burnout

One issue that many nurses face is burnout. Medical facilities looking to save money sometimes cut back on needed supplies and staff, driving up expectations and strain on their care providers. At the same time, demand on the healthcare system is on the rise. Nurses are the foot soldiers in the conflict, and often get tired and overburdened. These first few gifts address this issue specifically:

1. Gifts for A Healthy Lifestyle

Help your nurse find stillness with Yoga. (just make sure it’s one of their interests)

Which Littmann Stethoscope Is Right for You?


Whether you’re a medical student, a registered nurse, or a physician, you need a high-performance dependable stethoscope. With a wide selection, patented technology, and trusted quality, Littmann Stethoscopes are the right choice for every medical professional.

Patented by Harvard Medical School professor David Littmann in the 1960s, Littmann stethoscopes have become known for high quality and exceptional acoustic performance. Times have changed since the ’60s, and their original line-up of two models has grown to dozens. From the reliable basics to the electronic powerhouses with all the trimmings, Littmann stethoscopes offer a model for every task in the medical field. How do you know which Littmann is right for you? Continue reading

Benefits and Challenges of Online Med Schools

Doctors Ernest Chiu and Abigail Chaffin

In today’s busy lifestyle, most people don’t have the time to go back to school even if they wish to get additional degrees to advance their career, win a job promotion or simply to finish their half-completed degree. Modern technology has got you covered, though — now it’s simple and easy to finish your degree in online med school.

Med school is probably the toughest specialization higher education can offer. It takes an enormous amount of time and herculean efforts to graduate from a medical program, and more importantly, to become successful in the field of medicine. Continue reading

5 Top Must Read Nursing Blogs

Jacqueline Newton, staff nurse on the Flying Eye Hospital

One doesn’t need to watch medical TV dramas like ER or Grey’s Anatomy to become aware of the busy and often too stressful everyday life of a nurse. For a nursing student or an established professional, free time is always luxury especially if you want to update and improve yourself by learning about the experience of your colleagues.

Luckily, unlike the 90s when ER took place, nowadays there are plenty of useful nursing blogs only a click away from you. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular blogs for nurses for this year. Continue reading

Stethoscopes from the Future That Are Here Today | Medisave at Medical Practice Insider


Our latest article ‘Stethoscopes from the Future That Are Here Today‘ has been published on Medical Practice Insider.

Starting out with a simple wooden tube, French physician René Laennec invented the stethoscope in 1816. Since then, the stethoscope has seen numerous developments, all of which have helped medical diagnosis evolve to unforeseen levels. 

Fast forward to today. How about a hand-held ultrasound instead of a big, bulky machine? There is one already. What about a brain stethoscope that started out as an art experiment but might end up holding greater potential than initially envisioned? Check!

And finally, have you heard of the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope? Slightly larger than a traditional stethoscope, it has a lot more goodies to offer on the inside.

Want to find out more? Read the full article here.

Best Nursing Programs for Supernurses

It’s never too early to start looking for a nursing school. And the sooner you do your research and apply the better, because nursing is one of the most popular jobs in the U.S. and college spaces are quickly filled up.

Ready for nursing school? Which one is it going to be?

Ready for nursing school? Which one is it going to be?

Getting into a top nursing school guarantees you the best chance of getting ahead of the competition and enjoying better employment conditions upon graduation. Below I have selected four nursing schools that will do just that.

The list comprises of college and university programs that have been either consistently rated high, or ones that have recently improved quickly. Continue reading

5 Nurse Fashion Tips to Look Fantastic While Saving the World

Looking good brings peace of mind that’s much needed in the hectic lifestyle of a nurse. The confidence that comes with it is exactly what you need to become the super nurse that has made it out of the pressure cooker that is medical school.

Carefully pick colors, shoes, and hairstyle and get ready to rock the world!

Carefully pick colors, shoes, and hairstyle and get ready to rock the world!

Trouble is, most of the style tips online require too much time to include in your daily routine or simply don’t work. Here are five easy fashion tips that have been proven to work and will turn you into the stylish nurse every hospital needs. Continue reading

7 Apps That Nurses Worship

I bet that every time you want to look up something you think of the cumbersome nursing textbooks you’ve spent so much time reading. In the best case scenario you wish you had a laptop at hand to google the problem.

Is it because you think that using wearable technology is still at least a few years away? And why do we leave out phones when we talk about wearable technology?

Your phone can do much more than play Flappy Bird. Put it to a good use in your daily practice.

Your phone can do much more than play Flappy Bird. Put it to a good use in your daily practice.

Luckily, you have a secret weapon hiding in your pocket. Your smartphone has probably already proven useful enough, but you’d be surprised by what hidden potential it holds. One app you’ve somehow missed can turn you into a super-nurse and we have a whole collection of such nursing apps for you to explore. Continue reading