5 Tips on How to Find the Best Online Deals for Cardiology Equipment


With our tips and tricks, get the best value online on the cardiology equipment you need

Buying medical supplies online can be tricky, and shopping for cardiology equipment presents its own special challenges. Without the hands-on customer service that a brick-and-mortar shop offers, you’ll have to take some extra steps to ensure that you’re getting the best deal on a quality product that will last. With a bit of research and prep work, however, buying your cardiology equipment online can be easier, and more affordable.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite pieces of advice for finding cardiology equipment online. With a little savviness, and these five tips, you can find the best prices on the products you trust, from EKG machines to smaller supplies and accessories. Continue reading

The Few, The Proud: The Ups and Downs of Being a Male Nurse

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Are you man enough to be a nurse? Image Source:

Patience, compassion, nurturing: it’s still true, even today, that the traits associated with nurses are considered “feminine.” We’ve seen a lot of professional gender barriers break down in the last few decades, but the gender gap in nursing is still alive and well. In fact, less than 10% of those who choose to pursue a career as a nurse are male.

As intimidating as it might be to step into a female-dominated role, there are some excellent reasons for men to join the nursing field. Nurses have to be quick and resourceful, resilient in the face of hard work and tough situations, and the rewards of a career in nursing are immense.

Here are some of the challenges, and rewards, to being a man in the nursing field. Continue reading

5 Best Medical Gifts for Your Special Doctor

We've got some tips for finding the perfect gift for the doctor in your family

We’ve got some tips for finding the perfect gift for the doctor in your family

Whether you’re married to a doctor, the parent (or child) of a doctor, or you just have a special doctor in your life, don’t forget to show them the appreciation they deserve. For most doctors, the greatest gift of all is healing their patients, and using their expertise to improve the health of others. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a meaningful gift won’t make their day (or even their year). Continue reading

How to Save Time and Money: 3 Tips for Buying Medical Equipment Online

For busy medical professionals, online shopping can be a godsend. Not that long ago, medical equipment had to be purchased from specialty brick-and-mortar retailers. Shopping trips for necessary medical supplies could be time-consuming, and sometimes still unsuccessful. Today, you can accomplish with a few clicks what used to take hours.

However, we all know very well that having more choice doesn’t necessarily mean a smoother shopping experience or a better end purchase. With the proliferation of online retailers, buying medical equipment online can be a gamble. Whether you’re looking for a stethoscope, a diagnostic kit, or even a new physician’s scale, some preliminary research into what you’re buying can save you time and money, and leave you with a product you’ll use for years to come.

Are you thinking about shopping for medical equipment online? Read our tips for getting the best deals on top-quality products you can trust. Continue reading

Round the Clock: Working Long Hours Without Losing Your Mind

Many medical jobs require long hours and late nights

Many medical jobs require long hours and late nights

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun come up. Unless you’ve been up all night pulling long work hours in the hospital. Then, the sunrise is not such a romantic sight. As a medical professional, you have probably seen the sun rise more times than you’d care to remember (or even can).

The culture of all-nighters and long hours starts in medical school, and in many medical jobs it remains a fixture. Despite the obvious downsides, 12-hour (and longer) shifts remain popular, and some workers in medical jobs even prefer them. Patients can spend more time under the care of fewer nurses, and feel more comfortable with them. Nurses and other medical professionals appreciate the added flexibility of working fewer days per week, and hospital management can be streamlined, with fewer shift changes and better communication. Continue reading

5 Things You Need to Know About Blood Pressure

In the healthcare field, you’re sure to encounter patients who need treatment for high blood pressure. It’s a very common problem, as well as a very serious one. In the US, over 1,000 people per day die of diseases and conditions related to cardiovascular illness and high blood pressure. Medical practices use blood pressure cuffs to measure patients’ blood pressure and, if the numbers are outside of a certain range consistently over time, the patient usually needs to take measures to help lower their blood pressure. It’s good to have a wide-reaching understanding of this condition because it is so pervasive- here are 5 general ideas to know:

The blood pressure cuff, or sphygmomanometer, is an important tool in the fight against hypertension.

The Funniest Medical Memes From Around the Internet



Ah, the Internet. As a medical professional, it’s your best friend, and your worst enemy. Sure, it helped you find that custom engraved stethoscope you’ve always dreamed of, but it helps your patients work themselves into a hypochondriac lather with self-diagnoses.

Luckily, the internet is teeming with harried doctors, nurses, and medical students, just like you, sharing their particular brand of humor. For all the times when you have to laugh so you won’t cry, here are some of the funniest medical memes we found online. Continue reading

Top Seven Essential Medical Accessories

Reliable medical accessories are essential to any physician, nurse, or allied health professional. A good bag, a reliable nursing penlight, a pocket organizer: small things make patient care easier and more feasible when the pressure’s on.

The value of the accessories we’ve assembled is clear in their durability, portability, the quality of their construction, and their value, and each one plays an essential role for caregivers.

1. Black Medical Nylon Bag

This padded nylon bag is a simple, essential tool. It’s capable of carrying sensitive equipment and has many pockets for smaller instruments. Use this bag instead of a backpack to spruce up your image as a medical professional, not a student. It’s great for physicians, EMTs, and workers in other professions. This spacious bag is from prestige medical. Continue reading

Treat your Nurses Right: 6 Great Gifts for Nurses

There are a lot of gifts for nurses available that cater to them, from clothing and supplies to mugs and various other knick knackery. If you’re looking to give a nurse a gift, though, simply finding the first thing with the word “nurses” on it won’t cut it, just like medical students deserve unique and insightful gifts, nurses should get something just for them too. When choosing what to give the nurse in your life, be sure to consider what they want or need, as well as their personality and sense of style. One common complaint among nurses, especially when they’re inundated with things they can’t use, is that they wish that they could just have some new supplies. If this is the case, remember that Medisave has top of the line medical supplies at great prices and some products can be personalized. Whatever you go with, the best gifts are chosen after thoughtfulness and observation!

Help Relieve Stress & Prevent Burnout

One issue that many nurses face is burnout. Medical facilities looking to save money sometimes cut back on needed supplies and staff, driving up expectations and strain on their care providers. At the same time, demand on the healthcare system is on the rise. Nurses are the foot soldiers in the conflict, and often get tired and overburdened. These first few gifts address this issue specifically:

1. Gifts for A Healthy Lifestyle

Help your nurse find stillness with Yoga. (just make sure it’s one of their interests)