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Conditions Of Use

Conditions of use
This website is operated by Medisave USA LLP. As user of this website you agree that any use of this website including
any transactions you make is subject to our terms and conditions below.


  • You can order products from our website, by ordering on-line or telephoning (203) 404-4876.
  • All orders placed before 6pm Monday to Friday will be processed the same day. All orders received after 6pm Monday to Friday will be processed the next working day.
  • The 'confirmation' stage sets out the final details of your order, and will provide you with an order reference number. Following this, we will send you an order acknowledgement email detailing the products you have ordered.
  • If there is a problem with your order (if the product is out of stock, if there is a problem with your payment) you will be contacted as soon as possible. This contact will be either email or via telephone.
  • All images of products are purely for illustration only, and do not form part of the description of the product.
  • Medisave USA LLP cannot accept responsibility for any difference between the image on the website and the actual appearance of the product.
  • You can pay by any Visa, MasterCard or American Express and all credit cards listed on the website. In an endeavor to ensure that shopping on-line is secure, your credit/debit details will be encrypted to minimize the possibility of someone being able to read your details as they are sent to us over the Internet.
  • If the order is part dispatched (i.e more than one delivery is required) you will only ever pay one delivery charge.

Please also see our shipping and returns section and privacy notice for other terms and conditions.

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