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History of Littmann Stethoscopes

From Rene Laennec's wooden monaural stethoscope of 1819 through to the market-leading acoustic stethoscopes and electronic stethoscopes of today, Littmann have been at the forefront of stethoscope design and technology.

In the early 1960’s Dr David Littmann (1906-1981), a Harvard Medical Professor created a new, vastly improved stethoscope; a huge leap forward in acoustic performance. To find out more about the history and development of the Littmann stethoscopes click here.

Medisave have been supplying Littmann for a decade and are proud to offer our customers the full range of stethoscopes and stethoscope accessories. From entry models and the Classic II SE through the more advanced Cardiology III and Master Cardiology twin-lumen scopes right up to the state-of the-art Model 3200 Electronic Stethoscope, we can offer every color option manufactured.

As well as providing every color of stethoscope binaural we are also pleased to stock the latest chest piece finishes. Whilst most stethoscopes come with a brushed stainless steel finish, many models can now be supplied with one of a range of eye-catching finishes. Examples include: the Rainbow Finish Classic II SE, the Copper Finish Cardiology III, and the Smoke Finish Master Cardiology. Many models are also available in Littmann’s ever-popular and stylish “All Black” finish such as the Cardiology III.

We also offer a laser engraving service on all Littmann Stethoscopes. This permanent security mark will help to deter theft and ensure that your stethoscope is returned to you if it is misplaced. Many customers have chosen to have the name of their department or hospital ward to help prevent these valuable pieces of equipment from going missing. Using a state of the art laser engraver, the products are quickly and neatly engraved, offering peace-of-mind. Our fully trained in-house engineers engrave your item as soon as the order is placed so no delay is experienced and thanks to our large stock holdings of these products, your order will arrive quickly by your chosen courier.

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