National Emergency Services Week May 17th-May 23rd


The 39th annual National Emergency Services Week will be taking place between May 17th and May 23rd 2009. The theme is “A Proud Partner in Your Community.”

EMS workers include paramedics, the police and firefighters. There are many events planned across the country such as classes on basic first aid, CPR demonstrations and open days at fire stations.

There is a bike ride from May 16-May 22nd which is helping to raise awareness of the National EMS Memorial, which has been set up to honor the memory of EMS workers who have lost their lives whilst working- in total, 91 EMS workers died last year whilst working.

Emergency Medical Services Day will be held this year on May 20th. This event helps to highlight the need for pediatric emergency care to ensure that every child that requires emergency care receives the best treatment possible.

EMS workers play an invaluable role in our communities. Their dedication and commitment helps to save lives every day. They often work in very difficult and challenging environments, and sometimes treat people who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. The EMS workers put themsleves at risk every day to ensure our safety and well being.

It is not a 9 to 5 role, with weekends and public holidays off. Events like National EMS Week are an excellent way of highlighting what a tremendous job the EMS workers do. They often receive little praise- well, National EMS Week will allow us to say a collective “thank you” to those that may have helped us or those that we are close to.


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