Will you marry me?


A growing trend amongst our customers not just here in the USA, but also in the UK and other destinations is the great idea of proposing using the engraving facility when buying your partner a stethoscope.


When it comes to a unique and special way to ask your loved one in the medical profession to marry you, we are finding this is an unusual but increasingly popular way to ask. At least ten of our customers from across the globe have come up with the same idea in the last two years. And more often than not they come back to us to let us know the outcome. Thankfully in all cases a resounding “yes”. Whether this is because the recipient is bowled over by the romantic gesture is not known!


Alongside some very amusing and unusual names, and the occasional “Happy Birthday” and “Good Luck” messages, the “Will You Marry Me?” in its various incarnations and languages has surged recently in popularity and we envisage a rush at times of importance such as anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s day. Predictably, it is the Littmann Stethoscope which is the product of choice and combine the proposal with our symbol engraving such as hearts or stars and you have one unique stethoscope! Some have chosen a color or finish which may mean something significant and others have chosen the gift wrapping service so the recipient knows they are about to open something special!


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