What color tubing?


“What color did you get?”

When you tell your friends and colleagues that you have got a new stethoscope, this will probably be the first question that they ask you- even before which model you decided to buy!

It is always a difficult choice as you will be using your stethoscope for many years (particulary as the Cardiology range are supplied with at least a 5 year warranty) and the color of the tubing can reflect your personality.

Different color tubing is great- it allows everyone a choice. For example, the Littmann pediatric range of stethoscopes is supplied in caribbean blue, navy blue, pine green as well as raspberry and red. These colours are great when working with kids, as it makes you appear friendlier and less scary!

The Cardiology range of the Littmann stethoscopes are currently supplied in the more traditional colors- black, navy, burgundy etc, but they are beginning to get more diverse in color choices. The All Black is popular as it is traditional but with a modern twist and the chocolate and hunter green increase your options.

Whatever color you choose to buy, the most important thing is that with a Littmann stethoscope you know that you are buying the best possible stethoscope- an invaluable tool to help with the diagnosis of patients.


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