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Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope: Brass Finish 3128BRS

Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope: Brass Finish 3128BRS
SKU: 3128BRS

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This special Brass edition stethoscope comes complete with all the features of the standard Cardiology III, but with vibrant brass-colored earpieces and chestpiece.


Suitable for:
Stethoscopes for Cardiologists Stethoscopes for General Practitioners Stethoscopes for Medical Students Stethoscopes for Chilc Specialists

Performance Rating 9 out of 10

Superior sound quality for adult and pediatric assessment...

With its superior construction and double-sided, three function chestpiece, the prestigious Littmann Cardiology III demonstrates exceptional versatility and outstanding acoustic quality.

  • Apply light and firm pressure, and switch easily between low and high frequency sounds with 3M’s ‘Tunable Technology’.
  • Assess both adult and pediatric patients with the double-sided large/small chestpiece.
  • Reverse side transforms easily into a traditional open bell with the supplied adapter for maximum versatility.
  • The superior transmission and insulation of sound from the double lumen tubing (two tubes in one) also eliminates “rubbing noise”.
  • Optimal transmission of sound from the anatomically designed and comfortably positioned headset.
  • Choose from Littmann’s large range of chestpiece finishes and tubing colors to compliment your personal style.
  • Used as a key diagnostic aid during the physical assessment of a patient.
  • The durable latex free tubing can be flexed up to one million times.
  • Free repair on any manufacturing or material defects included in the 3 year warranty.
  • 9 out of 10 Littmann performance rating.
  • Black Tubing (27”/68.5cm) Brass finish.
Light pressure for low frequencies
BELL MODE (adult)
For low frequencies, apply light pressure with the floating diaphragm.
Firm pressure for high frequencies
For high frequencies, apply firm pressure with the floating diaphragm.
Paediatric chestpiece on reverse
Low Frequencies (Pediatric)
Rotate chestpiece and apply light pressure.

Tunable technology on both sides
High Frequencies (Pediatric)
Use to small floating diaphragm to apply firm pressure.

Converts to traditional bell
Use the adaptor provided to transform into a traditional open bell.
Adapter supplied
The three possible functions are easily interchangeable.

Free Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Medisave offer a laser engraving service on all of our Littmann stethoscopes (and many other items of diagnostic equipment). Because we recognize the value and quality of your tools we have invested in the highest quality equipment and technicians to give you probably the finest engraving service available in the US (superior to our competitor’s more expensive efforts). The end result is an elegant, permanent, precision mark on the surface of the chestpiece, allowing you to show a little of your personality and, more importantly, deterring thieves and making it easier to retrieve your scope should you misplace it. The service does not delay your order and next day delivery services are available.


Additional Information


Littmann ModelLittmann Cardiology III Stethoscope
Tubing ColorBlack
Stem ColorN/A
Metal FinishBrass
ModelLittmann Cardiology III Stethoscope
Overall Acoustic Performance9
User GroupCardiologists, Child Specialists, Critical Care Nurse, General Practitioners, Medical Students, Respiratory Specialist
Warranty5 Years
Manufacturer3M Littmann

Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Love it~
I received my stethoscope quicker than I expected and it was so much more beautiful in person! I love the color and the engraving, thank you for making it so personal. You were able to add the breast cancer ribbon after my name which made it so very special for me. I will send it back to you once I become an RN so you can add those to the end of my name. Thank you for the excellent service and price!
Overall Rating
Review by JLO / (Posted on 10/9/2012)
Great Scope
I love this scope, it has so many different uses and it is a magnificent tool to use in my job!!
Overall Rating
Review by Bradlee / (Posted on 7/4/2012)
Nursing Student
I'm a new nursing student and having this stethoscope helps me learn even better. I am now able to actually hear heart sounds without any problems. The stethoscope my school gave me was very uncomfortable in the ear and sounds weren't as clear as it should be. I'm very satisfied with my order and the brass finish makes it PERFECT!!
Overall Rating
Review by LOVE / (Posted on 3/29/2012)
Great product!
My coworker has this exact stethoscope and I tested it before buying it. It is highly recommended!
Overall Rating
Review by Marissa / (Posted on 3/19/2012)
Simply Amazing....
The Littmann Cardiology 3 is the stethoscope right for advanced diagnostics. Double in one tubing, tunable diafragm....etc. It works on adults and children, perfect for all kinds of physicians and the price definetly makes it a keeper....Brass finish puts just the cherry on top. Don't forget to engrave it, it adds safety and a great look... Review by jaime / (Posted on 3/7/2011)

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