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Littmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope: Navy Blue 3100NB

Littmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope: Navy Blue 3100NB
SKU: 3100NB

Availability: Only 3 in stock

The advanced chestpiece design on the 3100 Electronic stethoscope enables you to switch between frequencies at the touch of a button.

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Suitable for:
Stethoscopes for Cardiologists Stethoscopes for General Practitioners Stethoscopes for Respiratory Specialists Stethoscopes for Child Specialists

Performance Rating 10+ out of 10

Never miss a vital sound...

The highest quality stethoscopes in the Littmann range uses digital technology to dramatically impove sound quality and diagnosis.

  • Hear difficult sounds easily (such as obese patients or when obstructed by clothing) with up to 24X sound amplification.
  • Hear critical sounds clearly with up to an 85% reduction in distracting background noise from friction or surrounding ambience.
  • Switch between two modes at the press of a button.for optimum versatility - bell mode and diaphragm modes for low/high frequencies
  • Add laser engraving of text and symbols to personalise your scope and avoid theft/loss.
  • Anatomically designed headset comfortably positioned for optimal sound transmission.
  • Comfortable Snap-Tight soft seal eartips create an excellent acoustic seal to reduce ambient noise.
  • Durable latex free tubing can be reliably flexed one million times.
  • Used as a diagnostic aid as part of the physical assessment of a patient.
  • 2 year warranty includes free repair on any manufacturing or material defects.
  • Littmann performance rating of 10+ out of 10.
  • Navy Blue Tubing (27”/68.5cm) Stainless Steel finish.
Superior sound
Superior sound
A simple button press allows you to switch modes.

Bell mode for low frequencies
Low Frequencies
For low frequencies, switch to bell mode.

Diaphragm mode for low frequencies
High Frequencies
For high frequencies, switch to diaphragm mode.

Extended mode for low frequencies
Wide Range of Frequencies
For a wider range of frequencies, switch to extended mode.

Heartrate Display
Heartrate Display
Heart rate is clearly displayed on the LCD screen.

Free Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Medisave offer a laser engraving service on all of our Littmann stethoscopes (and many other items of diagnostic equipment). Because we recognize the value and quality of your tools we have invested in the highest quality equipment and technicians to give you probably the finest engraving service available in the US (superior to our competitor’s more expensive efforts). The end result is an elegant, permanent, precision mark on the surface of the chestpiece, allowing you to show a little of your personality and, more importantly, deterring thieves and making it easier to retrieve your scope should you misplace it. The service does not delay your order and next day delivery services are available.


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 3100NB
Littmann Model Littmann Electronic 3100/3200 Stethoscopes
UPN 00707387581688
ASIN 00707387581688
Color Navy Blue
Tubing Color Navy Blue
Engraving Yes
Metal Finish No
Model Littmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope
Overall Acoustic Performance 10+
User Group Cardiologists, Child Specialists, Critical Care Nurse, EMTs, ER, General Practitioners, Medical Students, Nurses, Respiratory Specialist
Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer 3M Littmann

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

having it all in one roof, this is the ultimate stethoscope, tried it and now have it
Overall Rating
Review by luklan / (Posted on 4/13/2014)
Students to Master Cardiologists...You hear what you pay for.
I'm no medical expert, but I definitely know what I can hear. As an RN student, the cheap trash stethoscopes we encounter are a joke, like the disposable ones in isolation rooms. Acoustic scopes days are numbered and this splendid 3100 scope is a gigantic reason why. No more flipping over from diaphragm to bell, or pressing a certain way to activate either mode. You also don't need extra screw-on heads for infants and children. The 3100 does it all in super simple mode. This model buries all acoustic models because you can amplify whatever you are hearing to a comfortable clear level and block out annoying hospital room noise. This feature alone should save future lives so we can all hear more intricately, and isn't that what the medical profession is all about? Electronic technology is here to stay and will only get better over time. What you hear is critical in your profession, so throw away acoustic scopes and open your ears up wide with this fantastic 3100 masterpiece.
Overall Rating
Review by ray-bid / (Posted on 3/9/2012)

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