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Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope: All Black 2141

Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope: All Black 2141
SKU: 2141

Availability: 9 in stock

The striking All Black edition of the Master Classic II stethoscope looks even better when it is personalized with our engraving service!


Suitable for:
Stethoscopes for General PractitionersStethoscopes for Medical StudentsStethoscopes for Physiotherapists
Performance Rating 7 out of 10

High performance and comfort combined...

The Littmann Master Classic II is the highest performing stethoscope in the Littmann ‘Classic’ product range.

  • Switch easily between low and high frequency sounds with 3M’s ‘Tunable Technology’ by switching from light to firm pressure.
  • The award-winning chestpiece is ergonomically designed, giving a comfortable grip and allowing extended use.
  • The comfortably positioned headset’s anatomical design allows optimal sound transmission.
  • Ambient noise is reduced by the excellent acoustic seal formed by comfortable Snap-Tight soft seal eartips.
  • The Latex free tubing is durable and can be reliably flexed one million times.
  • Choose from a range of chestpiece finishes and binaural colors to complement your personal style.
  • A diagnostic aid used as part of the physical assessments of adult and pediatric patients.
  • Free repair on any manufacturing or material defects included in the 3 year warranty.
  • Use our laser engraving service to avoid theft/loss and personalize your scope with text and symbols
  • 8 out of 10 Littmann performance rating.
  • Black Tubing (27”/65.5cm) Black finish.
Light pressure for low frequencies
Low Frequencies
For low frequencies, apply light pressure with the floating diaphragm.
Firm pressure for high frequencies
High Frequencies
For high frequencies, apply firm pressure with the floating diaphragm.
Free Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Medisave offer a laser engraving service on all of our Littmann stethoscopes (and many other items of diagnostic equipment). Because we recognize the value and quality of your tools we have invested in the highest quality equipment and technicians to give you probably the finest engraving service available in the US (superior to our competitor’s more expensive efforts). The end result is an elegant, permanent, precision mark on the surface of the chestpiece, allowing you to show a little of your personality and, more importantly, deterring thieves and making it easier to retrieve your scope should you misplace it. The service does not delay your order and next day delivery services are available.


Additional Information


Littmann ModelLittmann Master Classic Stethoscope
ColorAll Black
Tubing ColorAll Black
Stem ColorN/A
Metal FinishAll Black
ModelLittmann Master Classic Stethoscope
Overall Acoustic Performance8
User GroupGeneral Practitioners, Nurses
Warranty3 Years
Manufacturer3M Littmann

Customer Reviews 18 item(s)

Works great
Sound quality is good. It feels lightweight even though it's not classified as lightweight. Littmann makes great quality products.
Overall Rating
Review by NYCRN / (Posted on 7/22/2014)
Excellent stethoscope for the price
I purchased one of these to replace the my old cheapy i had used through nursing school. There is no comparison between the two and it was cheaper than any other place i looked. Throw in the laser engraving and this is the hands down choice.
Overall Rating
Review by Devin / (Posted on 7/10/2014)
Sounds great, looks really good. Was recommended to me by several people that really like it, and I love it. Better than the classic
Overall Rating
Review by Lil / (Posted on 1/13/2014)
Excellent Stethoscope
Very professional, clear sounds, also great service from Medisave and very fast shipping!
Overall Rating
Review by Ekram / (Posted on 10/28/2013)
Really stunning..
I bought the allblack classic II SE and loved it. This is the master of that. Planning to buy it soon.... all black version is really professional...
Overall Rating
Review by Praveen Kumar / (Posted on 8/23/2013)
Love it!
I purchased my stethoscope about 3 years ago and I absolutely love it! I am a paramedic, so a lot of the time there is significant background noise. With this I can easily auscultate lung sounds etc in the back of a moving ambulance, which is impossible with many lower quality stethoscopes.
Overall Rating
Review by Melissa / (Posted on 3/1/2013)
Same day shipping! Engraving is great! Excellent service from Medisave. Looks awesome in all black edition.Sounds very clear! Love it!
Overall Rating
Review by N.H / (Posted on 10/2/2012)
Great quality and the black edition made a perfect match.
Overall Rating
Review by Keren / (Posted on 8/24/2012)
Great for Med students. Absolutely love this color.
Overall Rating
Review by Jay / (Posted on 8/18/2012)
Very Good! Extremely fast shipping. I got my name engraved on it and engraved on an ID tag and it looks great. I live in Missouri and I ordered it Tuesday morning and Received it Friday morning! My book got smashed so I'm not happy about that, but that wasn't Medisave that was FedEx. I'm very satisfied, the engraving is very professional!
Overall Rating
Review by Sam / (Posted on 7/20/2012)
Very sharp looking scope
All black edition is very stylish and when engraved, it looks awesome! Good sound quality as with all Littmann scopes and looks great while you're using it!
Overall Rating
Review by Vet / (Posted on 7/19/2012)
Love it...
The all black edition looks sleek and elegant. The engraving looks very professional. Crystal clear sounds and overall great quality.
Overall Rating
Review by Sam / (Posted on 7/6/2012)
This is the stethoscope to get
This is a great stethoscope. I picked it up last summer prior to starting nursing school and have had the chance to use it all the time during my clinical rotations. I like the shorter tubing on this one to reduce the chances of something rubbing up against or bumping into it while listening and sounds are very clear. Just from varying the amount of pressure you apply while listening, you can switch from listening to higher pitched sounds or lower pitched ones, which is convenient so that you no longer have to flip your diaphragm over. The laser engraving looks fantastic and I personally like how Medisave puts it on the head of the scope rather than the tubing, it seems less likely to wear off that way. The all black edition looks sleek and elegant and stands out from the other scopes that have silver areas showing. My mom is a nurse and her littmann lightweight II scope just recently broke after many years of use, so I let her use mine for a day and we have already placed an order to get her a Master Classic II of her own. The Master Classic II is definitely sturdier and more rugged than the lightweight II, and seems like it will hold up better over time. If you're a nursing student and are on the lookout for a scope, then I would recommend picking this one up now if you can. It's more expensive than the regular model, but it's worth it and you won't have to upgrade later. If you take good care of your items this is probably the last stethoscope you'll ever need, you can't go wrong with this one.
Overall Rating
Review by Tim / (Posted on 6/23/2012)
This scope is really good, the sound is crystal clear and the tunable diaphragm is a great feature, as one doesn't need to keep changing sides to hear different sounds. I strongly recommend this scope for all med students, as it is both affordable and of very good quality. Thumbs up.
Overall Rating
Review by M. / (Posted on 9/11/2011)
Just received mine...
Medisave was great to work with, there was a glitch in my paypal account and Medisave worked quickly with me to get the problem resolved. My stethoscope was sent out as promised and I received it in less than 24 hours, just in time for my next shift!! I've used a purple Master Classic since beginning nursing school and have loved it!! I've borrowed other people's stethscopes and can really tell a difference. People ask to borrow mine all the time because it is so crystal clear in picking up heart and pulmonary sounds. This black addition stands out and the engraving is very professional looking. I'll definitely buy through Medisave again, all in all a great experience!!
Overall Rating
Review by KELI / (Posted on 7/1/2011)
Great scope
I bought the Master Classic II before I started nursing school. I'm ordering another one because I'm now working at two hospitals and I sometimes forget my stethoscope at work. With the engraving it's never 'walked' though and my other one is purple which also discourages people from taking it. I love my stethoscope and people at work are constantly asking to borrow it. I've tried other stethoscopes and can't hear anything with them but my Master Classic can pick up all lung sounds and even decreased lung sounds are easy to identify. You won't be disappointed if you buy this scope, it's well worth the money!!!
Overall Rating
Review by Calzonaon / (Posted on 6/29/2011)
Nice Scope
I work as a paramedic and I'll be honest... after one too many concerts spent near a speaker twice my height my hearing really isn't great. This scope lets me hear lung sounds (and even heart sounds) crystal clear. It does a decent job of isolating outside noise and its an all around great scope. Plus the all black design looks really nice. It's actually so good my partner is constantly using my scope for BPs and lung sounds.
Overall Rating
Review by Ann / (Posted on 4/12/2011)
A stethoscope with the touch of elegance...
The Littmann Master Classic 2 All Black is the right diagnostic tool with both great looks and excellent performance. The "All black" gives you elegance and individuality... Review by jaime / (Posted on 3/8/2011)

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