Littmann at National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition

Littmann at National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition

Littmann's Legacy Continues at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition in Houston, Texas

The Medisave team had the distinct honor of assisting a member of stethoscope royalty at the recent National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition in Houston, Texas. This event was graced by the presence of Lisa Littmann Cranford, the granddaughter of the legendary Dr. David Littmann, the founder of Littmann® stethoscopes and the inventor of the dual-headed chestpiece design that remains a staple of Littmann® stethoscope technology.

During her visit to the Littmann® booth, Lisa chose a new mirror finish Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope and had it laser engraved on-site. She generously shared captivating stories about the human journey behind the iconic brand. Remarkably, she brought along her grandfather's original Littmann stethoscope, a piece of medical history.

Technical Product Director Assessed by Lisa Littmann Cranford

At the NTI expo, an intriguing moment unfolded when Lisa Littmann Cranford assessed our Technical Product Director, Matt Denton, demonstrating the enduring quality and precision of Littmann's stethoscopes.

Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Stethoscope's Invention

Last year marked the 200th anniversary of the stethoscope's invention by René Laennec, a breakthrough that revolutionized medicine and led to numerous advancements still vital today. Discover more about René Laennec in our dedicated article.

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